Jenny Josephian


What People Say

What Clients and Colleagues Say

  • I came to see Jenny at a time when I was feeling very depleted by a death in the family and problems with my child. I was at a loss as to how to proceed with my life. After a few months of Jenny's attentive and compassionate ministering, I was back on track, able to think through alternatives and move ahead with my life. Jenny is amazingly empathic, kind and has a wonderful sense of humor. I very much enjoyed my visits to see her in the heart of North Berkeley at Walnut Square.

    Julia M
  • Jenny is a truly amazing acupuncturist. She's intuitive and skillful, and has a calm and clear energy and an ability to “read” me that translates to the most effective treatment I have ever received.

    Cori Constantine
  • Jenny is a gifted healer who combines a lifelong student's dedication to her practice that allows her to refer clients to practitioners in complementary fields such as osteopathy, neurochemistry, massage, and exercise. Her capacities for empathy and response light up my life.

    Patricia Dienstfrey
  • I continue with acupuncture to experience the overall feeling of well-being after a treatment. I like how Jenny discovers which areas of the body are blocked, even though the symptoms may manifest in other places. Jenny's skilled hands, intuition, and knowledge tap into those areas.

    Sue Ewing
  • Jenny collaborates with me, with the result that I feel included in my treatment. She listens compassionately and then shares what she finds in my pulses or from palpation, so I have new information to work with. Jenny is also willing to suggest other practitioners to me and, most important, to collaborate with them on my behalf. This is rare!”

    “Since Jenny is also trained in acupressure, my needle-phobic 10-year-old daughter is able to benefit from Chinese medicine. Jenny has developed a way of working with allergies by lessening the reactivity in the nervous system—and my daughter's allergies are improving, without shots or medicine.

  • Serenely balancing work. Lovely environment. Not for the faint of heart, but for the motivated person who wants guidance on the journey of health and healing.

    Jayah Faye Paley
  • Jenny helped me through a very difficult time of fatigue. I know that without her help I would not be where I am today.

    Teresa Lee
  • I moved to Berkeley a few years ago and found Jenny through my acupuncturist on the East Coast. Jenny is a true healer and read me quickly. She is an invaluable resource and a key part in my continued well-being.

    Brad Michaels
  • I have been working with Jenny for 22 years for treatment of a chronic immune disorder. My immunologist says that I live an amazing life for someone with my health profile, and I give a great deal of credit to Jenny. She is truly a gifted healer and a wonderful human being.

    Andrea T
  • Jenny and I have enjoyed collaborating over our mutual patients for twenty years. Jenny brings gentle acupuncture skills and deep intuitive wisdom to her work. She always brings a fresh perspective to problem solving and thus is able to help people with a wide range of issues, including chronic ones.

    Catherine Henderson, CMT (and Registered Osteopath UK)
  • In 1988 my doctor suggested that I see Jenny to get help with face, neck, and shoulder pain due to an auto accident. I have been fortunate to work with Jenny all these years. She is a gifted healer who consistently brings me back into harmony with myself. From treating headaches to doing seasonal tune-ups, Jenny has significantly improved my overall health—body, mind, and spirit.

    Ellen Lafferty
  • I have been receiving acupuncture from Jenny's masterful hands for over 20 years now. She has helped me through health crises and illnesses and has assisted in balancing energy through the seasons of life. I trust her completely; she is a wise adviser and a very gifted acupuncturist.

    Susan L
  • I have been a client of Jenny's since 1996, when I was recommended to her by my acupuncturist in Seattle. I have been very pleased both by the acupuncture treatment and by the general health advice Jenny has given me over the years. Her treatments have resulted in significant improvements in my health and overall well-being. Under Jenny's care, I have lost weight and successfully addressed headaches and symptoms of menopause. Because she is highly intuitive, even when I don't feel outward signs of stress, she immediately senses when something is not quite right. Jenny is an excellent acupuncturist, and I highly recommend her.

    Kate Miller
  • Because I have a very demanding job, I rely on Jenny to pick me up and put me back together again on a regular basis. She is someone who possesses grace, depth, and compassion. She locates both the right points and the right words, leaving me restored each and every time.

  • With her skill as an acupuncturist and her intuitive, perceptive, and creative self, Jenny helps me to connect with who I am underneath the exhaustion of chronic fatigue. A supremely valuable direct result of her treatment is I am consistently more contented than I have ever been before.

    Charlotte Shoemaker
  • I highly recommend Jenny! She is very skilled in her craft and her intuition runs deep. She has a very real gift for listening to the problem in a holistic way and then seeing where its roots lie. I'm very grateful for her care and have recommended her to family, friends, colleagues and clients. Thanks Jenny!

    Sophia Thorsen